Zoo Med Dripper


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  • Provides a natural source of hydration for arboreal reptiles
  • Simulates natural rainfall
  • Provides humidity for reptiles
  • Folding handle lid allows you to suspend the dripper above the enclosure
  • Available in two sizes

Zoo Med Drippers provide a constant source of dripping water that simulates natural rainfall and provides humidity for captive reptiles. The folding handle lid allows you to suspend it above the enclosure.

Many reptiles will be reluctant to drink standing water, and may not even recognise water bowls as a water source. This is particularly relevant for arboreal species like small geckos or chameleons as they rarely would venture down to the ground, instead drinking from droplets collecting on leaves after rainstorms.

The Zoo Med Little Dripper and Big Dripper simulate this, by slowly dripping water from the plastic reservoir. The flow can be adjusted and the dripping faucet should be placed over the leaves of a live or plastic plant to allow the water to accumulate. Chameleons will often

Our Drippers are available in two sizes, The Big Dripper (3.8 litres) and The Little Dripper (2 litres)

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