Vetark BSP Vitamin Drops 50ml


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  • Contains high levels of essential vitamins
  • Easy to administer, simply add to food or water
  • Sugar free to avoid bacteria growth
  • High potency
  • Contains vitamins A, C and E
  • Ideal for reptiles such as garter snakes and tortoises

Vetark BSP Vitamin Drops are an easy way to give your reptile the supplements it needs to thrive. They are liquid vitamins to be added to the drinking water for all reptiles, enabling effective supplementation for even the most picky of animals. The liquid formula contains no sugary flavourings which avoids any potential bacteria growth in the water.
Like all of our other vitamins these are high potency vitamin drops, meaning only a small amount is needed, and they are ideal for medicating the drinking water for reptiles that won´t accept vitamins any other way.

A water supplement for reptiles, Vetark BSP has been developed to provide your reptile with a boost of key vitamins such as Vitamin A, D3 (for calcium absorption), C and E; as well as folic acids and other nutrients for a well-rounded dietary profile. 

Add 1 drop per 100ml of drinking water.