Singular Chicks


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  • High quality.
  • All bred at certified hatcheries in the UK and EU.
  • Humanely dispatched.
  • Great food option for Snakes, Large Lizards, Exotic Mammals and Birds of Prey.
  • Provide your snakes with a more varied diet by offering more unusual prey.
  • Packed in dry ice.
  • Sold singly or in a 10kg box.
  • Chicks each weigh 30 to 50g.

Frozen Day Old Chicks are a great food source for all sorts of carnivorous animals, such as snakes, birds or prey, exotic mammals and large carnivorous lizards like Monitors. These frozen chicks are an unwanted product of the meat and egg industry. Chicks can be sexed at hatching and the majority of males aren’t required, previously these all went to waste but now they are sold as whole prey items for all sorts of animals.

In nature most snake species have a varied diet consisting of small mammals, birds, frogs, lizards, etc; rather than being limited to just rats or mice. Chicks are a great way to increase variety in your animals diet. They are also a good at encouraging feeding in stubborn animals as they have a different scent to rodents such as rats and mice!

All the chicks we offer are produced by fully licensed hatcheries in the UK and Europe, where they are raised on high quality diets in clean environments and dispatched in a humane manner prior to being flash frozen as quickly as possible to preserve their freshness. They are shipped frozen to our warehouse where they are stored in specially designed walk in freezers. All the procedures involved in the care, breeding, dispatching and freezing of these chicks are in accordance with the guidelines outlined by food standards agencies in the UK and in the EU. They are kept in dry ice during transit to ensure they arrive frozen.

Chicks makes a great addition to a whole prey diet as they provide high levels of protein, calcium and vitamins & minerals, but can also be particularly beneficial for animals in need of extra nutrition during growth & development, or recovery after illness or injury. As well as being a great food source for snakes they are also a great treat for meat-eating lizards, such as Tegus and Monitors. Poultry also make a great food option for carnivorous mammals; such as Skunks, Genets, Mongoose, Cats and Ferrets; as well as birds of prey like Hawks, Falcons, and Owls.

Chicks are sold in one size, they weigh between 30 and 50g. They can be purchased individually or in a 10kg box (approximately 250 chicks). In general with snakes the rule is to feed them a prey item that is slightly larger than the middle of their body. Though it is worth bearing in mind that in nature snakes are opportunistic feeders that will prey on whatever food is available, so offering different sizes at more random intervals is a more natural way of feeding them. Multiple prey items can also be offered, many snakes are nest raiders and will find a rodent or bird nest and feed on multiple smaller prey items.

Just like many raw human foods, frozen or thawed reptile foods can pose the risk of salmonella. All Ridgeway frozen food is frequently screened for salmonella to ensure the safety of our customers. It is all cleaned and sterilised during the production and freezing process. Unlike certain other suppliers we use no form of radiation in this process as we believe subjecting your animals to radiated foods could be potentially harmful.

Despite our rigorous checking we still recommend storing frozen reptile foods in their own container separately from human foods, or in their own freezer, and thoroughly disinfecting any surfaces or equipment that the frozen foods come into contact with, along with washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after using.

Care Instructions: 
Please note all frozen food should be defrosted thoroughly before use. Defrost frozen food naturally at room temperature on newspaper or kitchen towels away from food, food preparation surfaces and equipment. The prey can be warmed up in warm tap water, this helps to initiate a feeding response in many snakes. DO NOT defrost in boiling water or in a microwave. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw or defrosted food. Always disinfect all surfaces that have come into contact with the defrosted food.

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