Cork Bark Background 60x90cm – Raw Natural



  • Cork Bark background for lining terrarium walls.
  • Provides climbing opportunities for arboreal reptiles and plants.
  • Creates naturalistic backdrop for terrariums.
  • Waterproof so holds up to high humidity.
  • Available in 3 different types: Raw Natural, Forest and Arid.
  • Sold in 60x90cm tiles.
  • Can be sawn down to correct size.
  • Discounted price for buying in threes.

These natural Cork Back Backgrounds make excellent backdrops for naturalistic terrariums; they create a wall of bark that plants and arboreal animals can climb. Cork Bark is suitable for high and low humidity habitats, and the 3 different varieties all have a specific ‘look’ that matches certain habitats. The Raw Natural looks like woodland, the Arid looks like a desert or scrubland backdrop and the Forest tiles reflect the appearance of a rainforest environment.

Cork is resistant to many forms of mould and will hold water, similar to some substrates, contributing to the overall humidity. These cork backgrounds are sold pre-cut to 60x90cm, making them suitable for range of enclosure sizes. They can be sawn down to fit smaller enclosures, and one panel if cut in half will do 2 of the most common size of Exo Terra (45x45x60cm). For particularly large enclosures you may find you need to buy several panels to cover a full wall, or all 3 walls if desired.

Cork backgrounds are best fixed in place with aquarium sealant, this sealant is waterproof and highly resistant to high-humidity environments. Each tube of sealant should contain enough to affix several panels.

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Single, Pack of 3

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