HerpXotics R.U.B Dividers


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  • Made from top quality hard faced material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Divides R.U.Bs (Really Useful Boxes) into multiple enclosures.
  • Perfect for Royal Python breeders.
  • Available in double or triple dividers.
  • Available for multiple RUB sizes (12L, 24.5L, 33L and 50L)
  • Creates hide at back of the tub.

HerpXotics R.U.B dividers are made from top quality, hard faced material machined to fit into your tubs perfectly.  A divider splits a draw in to two separate spaces and a double divider will split a draw in to three separate spaces. Perfect for using in your snake racks, for growing on holdbacks but providing them more space than a hatchling rack provides.

These Dividers are made from 10mm White or Black foam PVC material. The 50 Litre Dividers are made from 13mm White foam PVC material.

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12L Divider, 24.5L Divider, 24.5L Double Divider, 33L Divider, 33L Double Divider, 4L Divider, 50L Divider, 50L Double Divider, 9L Divider