Organic Cotton Snake Bags



  • 100% organic cotton.
  • Washable for repeat use.
  • Stress free snake transportation.
  • Drawstring opening that can be tied to seal the bag.
  • 310 x 480 mm

These 100% organic cotton snake bags are perfect for transporting snakes and other reptiles like Monitor Lizards. Snakes are notoriously great escape artists and so transporting them can be difficult at times as they will often get out of transport tubs. Snake bags make a great alternative, the drawstring top can be tied to seal and if the neck of the bag is folded over the chance of escapee is minimal. The cotton bag lets air through so the animals can breathe and simultaneously limits light and visibility which helps keep them calm and stress free. The soft nature of the bag prevents any potential injury to the animal.

These cotton bags measure 310mm x 480mm and so are suitable for most small to medium sized snakes, such as Royal Python and Corn Snakes.

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