Porcellionides pruinosus ‘Oreo Crumble’ – Tropical Grey Woodlice (Tub of 10)


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  • Origin: Widespread
  • Common name: Tropical Grey Woodlouse, Tropical Woodlouse, Plum Woodlouse, Cuban Woodlouse, Cuban Isopod, Powder Blue Woodlouse.
  • Adult Size: 1.2 cm
  • Temperature: 15 – 28°C
  • Humidity: 45 – 60%; they are drought tolerant

Originating in Europe, Porcellionides pruinosus is now found across the globe as far as the USA, the Caribbean, and even Australia! Despite its European origin, P. pruinosus is commonly referred to as the the Tropical Grey Woodlouse and is the most frequently available isopod in the exotic pet trade for bioactive terrariums.

P. pruinosus is a medium sized isopod, growing to a maximum of 1.5cm. These isopods are incredibly prolific breeders; an individual female can lay 400 eggs in her lifetime, making them a perfect custodian for naturalistic set-ups.

This widespread species is very hardy and will live happily at a broad range of temperatures. It does not require the high levels of humidity of many isopod species and therefore can be maintained in a drier environment. This tolerance for drier environments and large range of humidity makes it very suitable for a beginner.

“Oreo Crumble” is a pied form of the classic blue/grey wild type, they’re a white animal with dark grey, sometimes almost black, patches that vary in size and pattern. They are sometimes mistaken for the “dairy cow” mutation of Porcellio laevis, but attain a smaller maximum size and are more prolific.

Sold in a tub of 10

Please note that for the health and safety of these animals we will not ship Woodlice in cold weather.