Meadow Cobs 1kg


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  • Dry pellet foods
  • Blend of up to 60 Species of meadow grasses, botanicals and weeds.
  • No added ingredients, 100% meadow plants.
  • Low waste pressed food.
  • All Natural Ingredients.
  • Grown in Bavaria, South-East Germany
  • Now in sustainably sourced paper bags.

Meadow Cobs is a pellet food for European Tortoises made up from 60 different herbs and grasses and herbs. The pellets contain no added vitamins and minerals so can be fed alongside an existing balanced diet, as an appetising additional fibre source, without causing any nutritional imbalances.  They’re also molasses-, grain- and alfalfa-free with only low levels of naturally occurring sugars.

Harvested from Bavarian meadows, in southern Germany, Natural Meadow Cobs contain various meadow grasses, wildflowers and herbs, and are high in fibre, yet low in sugars, starch and calories as the plants have been left to grow and mature before being cut. During the harvesting process they are coarsely chopped and high-temperature dried in a facility powered by renewable energy – and pressed into chunky cobs.

It is recommended to add a minimum of 2 parts water to 1 part Natural Meadow Cobs, for example 2 scoops of water to 1 scoop cobs. Though more water can be added for extra hydration if needed. Soak the cobs for a few minutes to let them fully hydrate and grow prior to offering them to the animals.

We recommend making up a batch of hydrated meadow cobs and mixing it with fresh leafy greens at every feed to provide an enriched, balanced and varied diet for your tortoise.

Meadow grasses, herbs, and wildflowers.

Crude Protein 9%
Crude Fats & Oils 2%
Crude Fibre 30%
Crude Ash 11%
Moisture <8%