Mazuri Leaf Eater


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  • Designed to be fed with supplementation and fresh fruit/vegetables.
  • High fibre – Contains multiple sources of soluble and insoluble fibre.
  • High in protein
  • No added sucrose or fructose.
  • No added wheat product.
  • Natural source vitamin E and stabilized vitamin C.
  • Suitable for many leaf eating animals: Tortoises, Primates, Rodents, etc

Mazuri is an American company founded in 1989 by a group of animal nutritionists with an interest in exotics. They worked alongside Zoo professionals to produce complete, balanced nutritional diets for the wide variety of animals in their care. Mazuri products are now a critical component in the diet of millions of animals in more than 1,600 zoological institutions and countless homes around the world.

Mazuri Leaf-Eater is complete lifecycle diet specially formulated to meet the needs of leaf-eating animals, specifically primates which are thought to require a high-fibre diet such as lemurs, langurs, howlers, as well as Gorillas and Orangutans.

However this diet can also be fed to other animals that would naturally feed mainly on leaves in nature, and has been found to be an excellent diet for Tortoises as well as other herbivorous reptiles like Iguanas. This diet is relatively high in protein compared to other Mazuri diets aimed at herbivores, so works well for reptiles that would naturally feed on some protein in nature, alongside their vegetable matter; such as Red Foot Tortoises, Elongated Tortoises and Spiny Tail Iguanas.

Dehulled Soybean Meal, Ground Soybean Hulls, Ground Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Ground Oats, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Dried Apple Pomace, Soybean Oil, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Ground Flaxseed, Brewers Dried Yeast, Salt, Various Vitamins and Minerals.

Crude Protein 23%
Crude Fats & Oils 5%
Crude Fibre 14%
Crude Ash 9%
Moisture 12%

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