Ridgeway Lay Box



  • Lay box or humid hide for small lizards and snakes.
  • Perfect for Crested Geckos and similar sized lizards.
  • Approximate size: 20 x 15 x 6cm

These Ridgeway Lay Boxes are the perfect size for smaller lizards like Crested, Gargoyle geckos, Leopard geckos, as well as Smaller snakes like Hognose snakes. The compact size of the box and flat lid makes them fit easily inside racking systems for Leopard Geckos or Fat Tail Geckos.

These highly durable plastic tubs are easy to clean. Simply add coir, sphagnum or a mixture and they make the perfect humid hide or egg deposition site for many species.

Approximate size 20cm x 15cm x 6cm

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1 Lay Box, 2 Lay Boxes