Lamb Ears with Hair 250g


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Introducing our Lamb Ears with Hair for dogs. A unique and wholesome treat that adds a delightful twist to your canine companion’s snack time. Sourced from premium-quality lamb, these eats are carefully air-dried, preserving their natural flavours and textures, including the fine, soft hair that accompanies them.

The inclusion of hair adds an extra layer of sensory stimulation for your dog, creating a more engaging and satisfying chewing experience. Beyond the delicious taste, these treats contribute to your dog’s dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup, promoting a happy and healthy smile.

Watch as your fury friend revels in the rich flavour, intriguing texture, and nourishing goodness of these unique Natural Lamb Ears with Hair dog treats.

Composition: 100% Lamb


  • Moisture 4%
  • Protein 74.21%
  • Fat 9.16%
  • Fiber 4.93%
  • Ash 7.83%

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