Komodo Vivarium Lock


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  • Terrarium or Vivarium lock.
  • Designed for use with any enclosure with glass sliding doors.
  • Prevent reptiles from escaping.
  • Two keys included.
  • Made from stainless steel.

The Komodo Terrarium lock fits any sliding glass door opening vivarium or terrarium to ensure all reptiles and amphibians are secure. Works with all major brands of wooden and plastic vivariums with sliding doors: Monkfield, VivExotic, HerpXotic, Habistat etc.

The lock is easy to install, it locks two sheets of sliding glass in a vivarium or cabinet and prevents them from moving. Perfect for preventing animals escaping and also stops the enclosure being opened unwantedly. The ratchet arm is hooked round one of the panes of glass and the stopper is tightened to hold it to the glass (no drilling required). The round lock body then slides along the arm to butt up against the edge of the glass sliding door. Turn key to lock or unlock. The unit is reversible so the orientation of the doors does not effect use.