Komodo Tropical Terrain Compact Brick


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  • Rich substrate for woodland or tropical habitats
  • Suitable for dry, wet and mixed enclosures
  • Suitable bedding for most reptiles and amphibians.
  • Supplied in easy to store compact brick.
  • Expands seven times when soaked in water.

The Tropical Terrain Compact Brick is a natural substrate ideal for woodland or rainforest habitats.  Chosen by professional breeders worldwide, it encourages natural burrowing behaving.

These Tropical Terrain Bricks are incredibly easy to store when compared to large bags of substrate. Each compact brick expands to seven times their size when placed in water. Soak in water prior to use, then simply disperse throughout the habitat to the required depth when using.

Tropical Terrain can be used for many different reptiles as it can be used dry or wet. It’s water retaining capabilities make it a great substrate for animals that require higher levels of humidity, such as Crested Geckos and Chameleons. Used dry it makes a great choice of substrate for many snakes from low humidity environments, the fine fibres are great for them to dig in. It can also be mixed with other substrates like Orchid Bark.

Substrates should be spot cleaned multiple times per week, any soiled material should be replaced as needed. A full clean out and change of all the bedding should be carried out monthly or as required. High humidity environments generally require more frequent changes than dry surroundings.