Komodo Light Stand (Single)


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  • Secure lighting bracket for tortoise tables and mesh topped enclosures.
  • Allows secure positioning of light or heat sources
  • Adjustable – from 37cm to 63cm in height
  • Does not include lamp or reflector

The Komodo Light Stand is a secure and easy way to install a heat or light source over certain reptile habitats, such as tortoise tables and mesh top glass terrariums.  The heavy bottom plate slides easily under the enclosure and keeps the bracket in place so that the chosen lamp holder can be placed on the hook. Most standard clamp lamps bulb holders will hang from this bulb, with no size requirements, so can be used with your existing equipment, though the Arcadia Ceramic Reflectors can be used.

Tightening bolts are used to adjust the height of the stand and the width of the top arm making it a fully adjustable piece of equipment.