Komodo Beastie Drink 500ml


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  • Suitable for Crickets, Locusts, and other feeder insects.
  • Suitable for Tarantulas and other pet invertebrates.
  • Provides a safe source of hydration.
  • Prevents unnecessary drowning in open water sources
  • Not a diet, also provide food for the insects.

Komodo Beastie Drink provides feeder insects and pet invertebrates with a hygienic and safe method of hydration.¬† Given a dish of water these creatures are prone to drowning, beastie drink is a safer, hygienic alternative which maintains it’s gel like form. Simply provide some Beastie Drink in a bowl in the insects enclosure and allow them to collect it as needed. Also reduces the risk of bacteria contamination from open water sources.

Ready to use straight from the jar. Offer as needed into a small bowl, replace when used up or dry. Ensure a source of hydration is always available. Please note that the contents may evaporate during storage and transit, please top up with fresh water and leave to stand for 10 minutes in order to fill the jar back up.

Best practice when dealing with feeder insects is to feed and water (gut load) them at least 12 hours before feeding them to any reptile. For best results use in conjunction with a specially formulated livefood diet such as Komodo Beastie Feast to provide a meal as well as a water source, and replace frequently.