Komodo Advanced Habitat Lock


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  • Terrarium or Vivarium lock.
  • Designed for use with the Komodo Advanced Habitats.
  • Also works with Exo Terra and ZooMed Glass Terrariums
  • Prevent reptiles from escaping.
  • Prevents unwanted and accidental enclosure opening.
  • Combination lock prevents the need of a key.

An innovative padlock design, Komodo Advanced Habitat Lock is designed especially for use with Komodo Advanced Habitats to keep your reptile safe from escape and unwanted attention, also helps prevent children from accessing your animals enclosure without permission and supervision.

This terrarium lock works with a combination code rather than a key, making it a much safer and secure system as keys cannot be lost or used without permission.

Although designed for the Komodo Habitats, this padlock will fit the Exo Terra and ZooMed glass enclosures. Does NOT work with HabiStat glass terrariums.