HerpXotics HERP20 Tubs – Black


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  • Tough, lightweight and durable
  • Available in black, clear and grey
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality.
  • Dimensions: 514x188x90mm

These HERP20 tubs from HerpXotics are a strong and dependable breeding tub for housing, growing on and breeding snakes. The HERP20 Hatchling Tub is perfect for serious breeders who want to keep lots of snakes in a small space. Longer than the more common Vision V18 tubs, these tubs are deep but narrow meaning less wall space is taken up when compared to RUBs of a similar area. The handle at the front makes for easy opening. Perfect for those who wish to build their own snake racks, or as replacements for lost/damaged tubs from the HerpXotics hatchling racks.

Available in three colours: Clear, Black and Grey.

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1 Tub – Black, 1 Tub – Clear, 1 Tub – Grey, 10 Tubs – Black, 10 Tubs – Clear, 10 Tubs – Grey, 25 Tubs – Black, 25 Tubs – Clear, 25 Tubs – Grey, 50 Tubs – Black, 50 Tubs – Clear, 50 Tubs – Grey