HerpXotics Acrylic Enclosure 9 – 75 x 75 x 150mm


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  • Acrylic enclosure for housing invertebrates.
  • Perfect for Tarantulas and Centipedes.
  • Two magnetically sealed doors.
  • Easy to clean acrylic construction.
  • Regular air holes for constant ventilation.
  • Measures 75 x 75 x 150 mm

The HerpXotics range of Acrylic enclosures are perfect for invertebrates such as Mantids and Jumping spiders. They are built from crystal-clear acrylic that allow easy viewing of your animal to ensure it is healthy and behaving normally. The clear firm plastic is easy to clean and the small holes on all sides of the terrarium provide ventilation, reducing stagnant areas which can harbour bacteria; and the holes’ small size prevents escapees.

This arboreal unit measures 75mm x 75mm x 150mm, and comes with a sliding lid and front opening access. Both doors fit into some runners and are held in place with small magnets for a really secure fit. There are small rubber feet to it this slightly raised, which means they can be stacked without covering the air holes in the top. The small feet also prevent the acrylic bottom from becoming scratched.

These acrylic enclosures are ideal for housing small inverts, such as mantids and jumping spiders. They can also be used well for small tarantulas and slings, as well as other invertebrate species like roaches, isopods, centipedes and millipedes.