HabiStat Dry Tortoise Food – Banana


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  • Suitable for European, Russian & most other tortoises.
  • All natural ingredients
  • High in fibre
  • Low in protein
  • Calcium rich
  • Available in 200g, 400g and 800g
  • Three different flavours: Banana, Fruit & Flower, Meadow Mix

HabiStat Tortoise Food is formulated with all natural ingredients including calcium and vitamin D3. This high fibre, low protein, calcium rich feed should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet including plenty of fresh leaves and plants.

Available in three different sizes and flavours: Banana, Fruit & Flower and Meadow Mix.

The strong banana smell of this food is irresistible to many tortoise species. It is appreciated by the Mediterranean Tortoise species (Hermann’s, Marginated, etc) as well as tropical species such as Red Foots, which would naturally have a higher level of fruit in their diet. However despite it’s strong fruity smell this food is relatively low in sugar and therefore makes a great food for all species. The strong smell acts as an attractant for even the more stubborn animals who aren’t convinced by pelleted diets.

We have found that other herbivorous reptiles, such as Iguanas, will also enjoy this food.

To feed this diet should be wet with a small amount of water until soft. Once the jar is open store in a cool, dry place; only wet prior to being offered to the animals. Tortoise are grazers and will keep returning during the day to the food source provided for them. Do not worry if they do not eat all of the food during their first sitting, instead monitor their daily intake. Make sure fresh water is always available for the tortoise to drink as contrary to popular belief tortoise do drink water.

Oats, Maize, Oat Bran, Beet Pulp, Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium phosphate, Curcuma.

Crude Protein 7.6%
Crude Fats & Oils 3.1%
Crude Fibre 12%
Crude Ash 8.9%
Moisture 13.5%

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200g, 400g, 800g