HabiStat Spare Super Fast Blow Fuses (Pack of 10)


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These HabiStat Spare Super Fast Blow Fuses are 3.15 amp,  and come in a pack of 10. They work with all HabiStat thermostats that have a fuse cartridge, they will also work with Microclimate Thermostats.

Almost every single thermostat failure is due to a short circuit on the heater that damages the sensitive thermostat triac.

The main cause of triac failure in thermostats, particularly dimming stats, is poor quality bulbs. We recommend Halogen bulbs above all other forms of basking bulb due to their longevity and decreased likelihood of thermostatic failure.

Due to the potential damage that bulb failure can cause thermostats; HabiStat are now fitting a cartridge fuse to protect the circuit from such heater failures. These fuses are specifically designed to protect triacs and only these should be used when replacing the existing triac protection cartridge fuse in the side of the thermostat.

These 3.15A fuses are used in stats that support heaters over 300 Watts.

Please note that these are specifically for the replacement of the cartridge fuse and should NOT be installed into a plug.

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