Habistat Rainmaker


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  • Mimics natural rainfall.
  • Low noise.
  • Built-in 2.2L Reservoir
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy refill from the top
  • 5 metres of tubing (tube cutter included)
  • 2 x High quality copper nozzles included
  • Automated misting system.

The HabiStat Rainmaker takes away the need to manually spray your animals by offering an automated programable option. Perfect for chameleons and other species that need to be regularly sprayed throughout the day. Easy to set up and reliable, the HabiStat Rainmaker is the perfect solution for adding realistic ‘rain’ sessions within one or more enclosures.

This unit has a built in 2.2L reservoir that is easy and convenient to refill via the opening at the top of the unit. The rain cycle, duration and output can be fully programmed by adjusting the dials as required.

A perfect solution for WC animals, as well as shy animals that are reluctant to drink from a waterbowl. This automated misting system allows the animal to be sprayed without the presence of a person, and without the enclosure being opened, both which may be causes of stress.

Also perfect for the busy pet owner who may not be at home throughout the day to provide the desired amount of misting for the animal. Expand the coverage of your enclosure or even extend the system to multiple enclosures by using up to 4 nozzles. If more nozzles are required then the best option is to purchase the Rainmaker Pro, which can run up to 20 nozzles.