Habistat Rainmaker Nozzle Set


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  • Spread the rainfall across more of your enclosure.
  • 4 x High quality copper nozzles.
  • Adjustable to any angle.
  • Easy to connect and install.
  • For use with either the HabiStat Rainmaker or Rainmaker Pro.
  • Pack of 4 nozzles.

This set of 4 HabiStat Rainmaker Nozzles allows you to expand the coverage of rainfall throughout your enclosure or to extend the usage to multiple enclosures.

With adjustable ends, these nozzles can be angled towards specific areas within the enclosure to target and spray plants and substrate directly. Which helps to maintain humidity levels within the enclosure.

The HabiStat Rainmaker Nozzle set include 4 high quality copper nozzles and are compatible with both the HabiStat Rainmaker and HabiStat Rainmaker Pro.

The HabiStat Rainmaker takes away the need to manually spray your animals by offering an automated programable option. Perfect for chameleons and other species that need to be regularly sprayed throughout the day. Easy to set up and reliable, the HabiStat Rainmaker is the perfect solution for adding realistic ‘rain’ sessions within one or more enclosures.

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