HabiStat Plastic Shallow Water Bowl


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  • Shallow water bowl
  • Perfect for tortoises
  • Long lasting & easy to clean

HabiStat Plastic Shallow Water Bowl is a perfect choice for tortoises and turtles, giving them easy access to the water. The durable plastic makes it long lasting and easy to clean.

These strong plastic dishes are a great option for small tortoises, particularly those in quarantine conditions as they are easy to wipe clean and sterilise. Their durable nature means they are long-lasting and seldom break, unlike other resin options on the market. Their smooth shape makes cleaning and maintenance easier as there are no crevices where mould or bacteria can accumulate.

Reptile water dishes are a necessity for your reptile as they provide them with the water and hydration they needs to live and thrive in the environment you have built for them. For most species, especially snakes, it is recommended to provide them with a bowl large enough for them to bathe in.

These plastic bowls can also be used as a food dish for offering fruit and vegetables.

Dimensions: L13 x D13 x H2.5cm