HabiStat Heater Guard Rectangular (Large)


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  • Wire mesh guard.
  • For use with spot lamps, deep heat projectors and ceramic heaters.
  • Easy access via hinged bottom.
  • Easy to install.

The HabiStat Heater Guard is a powder coated wire mesh guard designed to fit over most standard basking bulbs, halogens, deep heat projectors and ceramic heaters. The secure metal cage will prevent your animal potentially coming into contact with it’s heat source which could lead to burns, it also has the added benefit of protecting your hands when reaching into the enclosure for maintenance.

The unit can be simply installed to the roof of any wooden or plastic vivarium using 4 small screws into the brackets provided. The smart design has easy access to the bulb via a hinged bottom, allowing the bulb (or other heat source) to be changed without the need to remove the entire cage from the vivarium.

The cage has a built in recess to allow the wire from the heat fitting to pass out of the cage easily.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 24 cm

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