HabiStat Digital Temperature Thermostat Day/Night & Timers


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  • Suitable for Heat Mats, Heaters and Fans
  • Available in Standard and Day/Night
  • ON/ Off temperature cycle adjustable between 0.1°C and 5°C
  • Continual readout of current temperature and time
  • Separate timed circuit to control heaters, lighting, fans or spray systems.
  • Separate setting of day and night time temperatures (Day/Night)
  • Two separately timed circuits (Day/Night)
  • Range of 0 – 50⁰C (32 – 122⁰F)
  • Maximum 600 watts.
  • HabiStat Thermostat User Guide available here.
  • Full instruction manual available here.
  • Comes with a 12-month guarantee.

All heat sources should be fitted to an appropriate thermostat which will ensure the temperature does not drop too low, and also does not get dangerously high. The HabiStat Digital Temperature Thermostat is an on/off thermostat designed to provide a continual readout of current temperature and time. The on / off temperature cycle can be adjusted between 0.1°C and 5°C and both upper and lower temperature limits can be set. An on/off thermostat does as described, it turns off when it reaches the required temperature, it should only be used with heat mats and radiators for heating, or fans in this case as this model has a cooling function.

Included is a separate timed circuit which can be used to turn lighting, fans or a spray system on and off once in a 24 hour period. The unit comes with preset parameters so can just be plugged in and used, if required. Can be used in heat mode or cool mode to control heaters or fans. The Day/Night model has the additional function of allowing a day period and night period to be set with different temperatures or functions, this allows a more natural replication of the day/night cycle many species will experience in nature. The unit will not lose memory settings if power is disconnected. Maximum 600 watts.


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