HabiStat Digital Seconds Timer


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  • Fully automate your animal’s heating and lighting schedule.
  • Minimum setting of 1 second.
  • Up to 8 programmable events.
  • Daylight savings adjustment.

The HabiStat Digital Seconds Timer can be used to fully automate an enclosures heating, lighting and humidity control. It features a minimum time setting of one second, to more accurately control your animal’s daily schedule. Your animals lighting and basking bulbs should only be on during daylight ours to replicate the suns presence, at night time all sources of light should be switched off. The HabiStat Digital Seconds Timer removes the need to do this manually.

This timer is also perfect for use with an automated misting system like the HabiStat Rainmaker or Rainmaker Pro; or a fogger like the HabiStat Humidifier. These can be used to boost humidity and provide a source of water for animals that will not use a standing water source, like a water-bowl.

A pdf copy of the HabiStat Digital Seconds Timer instruction manual is available here.

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