HabiStat Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit


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  • Perfect for Bearded Dragons, and lizards with similar care requirements.
  • Designed for use with 4ft Vivariums.
  • Includes all UV lighting, heating and supplements.
  • Full instructions provided.
  • Just add substrate and décor!
  • Does not include vivarium.

From HabiStat, this unique accessory kit is designed to make setting up an enclosure for your Bearded Dragon as easy as possible. Includes all the equipment needed to fully kit out a 4 foot vivarium setup. This starter pack comes with the required UVB lighting and thermostatically controlled heat source; along with various extras such as dietary supplements, food and water bowls and cleaning supplies.

It is often daunting researching the products needed for your first Bearded Dragon, HabiStat have removed the stress of this by assembling the best and most suitable products from their range and Arcadias!

This kit is suitable for Bearded Dragons, Rankins Dragons, Uromastyx and many other desert dwelling lizards.

This kit does not include the vivarium itself. It also does not include substrate or décor, which will need to be purchased and added separately.

Full instructions provided.


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