Armadillidium pallasii – Pallas’ Pill Woodlouse (Tub of 10)


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  • Origin: Corfu
  • Common name: Flared Pill Woodlouse, Pallas’ Pill Isopod, Flared Woodlouse, Giant Corfu Isopod,
  • Adult Size: 2.4 cm
  • Temperature: 15 – 28°C
  • Humidity: 60 – 75%; not too dry

Pallas’s Pill Isopod is one of the largest Armadillidium species, they regularly exceed 2cm in length, some reaching up to 2.5cm. A popular species due to its size and similarities in appearance to the ever popular Cubaris genus; though much hardier due to being from a far more temperate climate.

These large isopods come from the Greek island of Corfu. They have a wide temperature tolerance and can be kept anywhere between 15 and 28°C. Humidity within their enclosure should be between 60 and 75%, excessively high levels as well as low dry levels can both lead to moulting problems in this species. It is also recommended to avoid spraying the animals directly if possible. This large species enjoys rotten wood, calcium and requires slightly more protein than many other species. They are hardy tolerant animals that have proven to be prolific breeders producing all year round; making them a great candidate as custodians for bioactive setups. Their large size, soft bodies, high calcium content and productivity also makes them a good alternative food source for many insectivorous lizards.

Their species name pallasii (pronounced: palace-sea-eye) is in honour of the zoologist, geologist and botanist Peter Simon Pallas. Pallas has many animals and plants (and even a mineral) named after him, potentially the most well known being Pallas’s Cat. Sometimes called the Flared Woodlouse, due to their exaggerated skirt around the edge of their body. This grey species exists in a few colour varieties, the most commonly available being the orange form.

Sold in a tub of 10.

Please note that for the health and safety of these animals we will not ship Woodlice in cold weather.