Ridgeway Coco Fibre Wall Mounted Plant Pot – Pack of 5


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  • Planting solution for live plant growing within a terrarium.
  • Formed from natural coco fibres.
  • Sustainably sourced product.
  • Deep planting pocket capable of holding plenty of soil.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Sold in a pack of 5.

The Ridgeway Coco Fibre Wall Mounted Plant Pot provides an innovative and natural solution for adding greenery to vertical spaces, blending functionality with an eco-friendly design. Crafted from sustainable coconut fibres, these curved pots are perfect for creating a living wall of terrarium plants with in an enclosure. The coco fibre offers excellent drainage and aeration that promotes healthy root growth. Perfect for trailing and creeping plants such as Pothos, Scindapsis and Ivy; which can all be planted and encouraged to grow across backgrounds or décor.