Ridgeway Coco Fibre Flexi Vine


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  • Natural vine made from coco fibre.
  • Perfect for arboreal reptile and amphibian species.
  • Bendable into any shape.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Creates climbing opportunities for plants and animals.
  • Total length is 2.1m.

Ridgeway Coco Fibre Flexi Vines are composed of sustainably sourced, natural coco fibre over a bendable wire core. The metal core allows the unit to be bent and adjusted to any shape to fill terrarium spaces. This creates more useable space in the enclosure for the animals, and utilising all the space available.

These natural looking vines blend seemingly into the environment when wrapped around natural wood, such as cork, to provide more stable support. They are a particular favourite of canopy dwelling lizards, such as Panther Chameleons.

These vines are 2.1m in total length.