Armadillidium vulgare – Common Pill Woodlouse (Tub of 10)


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  • Origin: Widespread.
  • Common name: Common Pill Woodlouse, Common Pill Isopod, Pill-bug, Potato Bug, Roly-Poly, Slater, Doodle Bug
  • Adult Size: 1.8 cm
  • Temperature: 15 – 26°C
  • Humidity: 55 – 70%; they are drought tolerant.

Often charmingly referred to as the Roly-Poly; Armadillidium vulgare, is originally native to the UK and other areas of Western Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Spain etc) but is now present almost completely worldwide. Their adaptable and exceptionally hardy nature has led to them colonising any climate: cold, temperate or tropical; and habitat: desert, forest, coastline etc. Unlike many other Armadillidium species; vulgare are not aggressive protein eaters and will readily consume soft bodied plants.

Despite their cosmopolitan nature they do have preferred requirements in which they seem to grow and reproduce at the healthiest rate. Though this species has been seen to tolerate temperatures as low as −1°C, all the way up to over 30°C it does best kept at a temperate 20 to 24°C. They prefer a semi-arid environments with humidity on the lower side, around 60%. If kept at high tropical humidity for long periods they can have issues moulting.

The Common Pill Woodlouse (Armadillidium vulgare) is a relatively large species growing up to 18 mm body length. Usually a slate grey colour overall, it can be highly variable in both colour and pattern, which has lead to selective breeding of this species in order to isolate the different colours.

The animals sold here are of the common grey form, we do also offer this species in a mixed colour variety and the very attractive ‘Magic Potion’ morph.

Sold in a tub of 10.

Please note that for the health and safety of these animals we will not ship Woodlice in cold weather.