Armadillidium klugii – Clown Isopod (Tub of 10)


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  • Origin: Adriatic Coastline from Croatia to Montenegro
  • Common name: Clown Isopod, Clown Woodlouse, Croatian Clown Isopod, Dubrovnik Clown Isopod
  • Adult Size: 1.5 cm
  • Temperature: 17 – 26°C
  • Humidity: 50 – 65%

The Clown Isopod (Armadillidium klugii) is an incredibly attractive woodlouse species found in the Dalmatian region of South Eastern Europe through Croatia along the Adriatic coast to Montenegro. This species is relatively easy to care for and very similar in appearance to the Greater Clown Isopod (Armadillidium werneri), though this species is larger and favours higher temperatures. A. klugii is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, though prefers slightly drier environments and should have an area of its terrarium left with lower humidity; in fact they should not be kept an high humidity as it can cause them moulting issues.

This stunning species makes a great display animal as it noticeably bolder and more active compared to similar isopods. Though their sensitivity to humidity suits them more to an isopod keeper with moderate level experience rather than a beginner.

Sold in a tub of 10.

Please note that for the health and safety of these animals we will not ship Woodlice in cold weather.