Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp (Stainless Steel)



  • Choice of two colours; Stainless Steel and Graphite Black.
  • Multi directional.
  • Includes: Bolt through clamp lock, Vivarium fitting bracket, Hanging loop, Safety cage, Switch
  • Available in 2 sizes 140mm/5 ½” and 200mm/8”

The Arcadia Reptile Clamp Lamp has been designed for both usability and style. The Arcadia Reflector Clamp Lamp is a fully inclusive kit, containing everything you need to fit Mercury vapour lamps (and other light and heat sources), over an open table. Using the Arcadia vivarium fitting bracket, you can install it inside a vivarium as well.

As we increase the number of lamps used to supply for the needs of our Reptiles and plants in the home it is equally important that the tech that we use fits in with our home furnishings.

Clamp Lamps uses Arcadia’s best selling ‘deep dome’ reflector to ensure high levels of safety and fantastic light projection. It will insulate and reflect heat bulbs, making sure as much energy is directed towards the animal as possible. It can also be used with UV-B compact lamps and D3 Basking Lamps and can increase UV-B projection by up to 100% when compared to a non-reflected lamp.

The kit also includes a vivarium fitting bracket and the Graphite colour includes, for the first time, an easy to fit hanging bracket*. This means that the Clamp Lamp can be fitted inside of a vivarium easily and safely. It can now also be easily hung over open enclosures such as tortoise tables with the hanging kit or firmly clamped in place.

*Hanging Bracket included only with Graphite Clamps.

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140mm, 200mm

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