Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5 UVB Kit – Dragon 14%


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  • First app-controlled dimmable T5 UVB lamp.
  • Includes T5 UVB Tube.
  • Bluetooth controlled.
  • Dimmable to replicate natural changes in light levels over a 24 hour period.
  • Internal memory battery.
  • Average 30% energy savings*
  • Control up to 50 different lamps from one app.
  • IP65 water resistance makes it save to use in the most humid of setups.
  • Linkable to other LumenIZE units; both T5 UVB and LED. Run multiple lights from one plug.
  • 3 sizes available: 24w, 39w and 54w.
  • Also available in 6% and 12% UVB output.

The LumenIZE® version of the globally trusted Arcadia Pro T5 UVB kit has been redesigned with updated electronics, updated reflector angles, increased water resistance, full App control via the LumenIZE app and a new easy change locking lamp change process.

The dimming function of these light units allows you to create a more natural dawn to dusk lighting pattern like the sun, rather than the light simply coming on at full brightness in an artificial manner. These updated ProT5 units with LumenIZE are a sleek compact design, with high functionality putting you in control of replicating the sun as closely as possible via the free and easy to use App.

Multiple units can be controlled over Bluetooth via the app, the light units can also be linked together all on one plug socket. Link cables are available as an optional extra for LumenIZE product to link units together; the LumenIZE enabled update allows for linking between ProT5 and LED Bar and the App can support up to 50 different lamps per device, each with its own programme. LumenIZE Link Cables are designed to easily connect up to 10 units from a single power source.

The LumenIZE® enabled ProT5 stores your programming within each lamp and backs this up with a small exchangeable battery. If a power cut happens, the memory within each bar is maintained. When the power is restored, the lamp will continue at the correct part of it’s setting. Please note if a lamp is unplugged and unused the battery will still run and may drain, but the battery can be replaced using the instructions provided.

LumenIZE enabled ProT5 has also been upgraded to the IP65 standard for water resistance, making it the perfect choice for all types of habitat. This is made possible with the brand new easy change ‘push on/lock in’ lamp holders which speeds up the lamp change process and reduces accidental lamp damage.  IP65 denotes the tested level of water resistance that will protect the lamp and fitting from usual humidity, condensation, and dust. Arcadia Reptile T5 and JungleDawn LED Bar LumenIZE products have been tested to this standard and are classified as being ‘water resistant’, so the usual use of sprayers, humidifiers and rain systems is possible. Be careful not to place rain or fogging devices so that they emit over or directly onto the fittings.

The process of dimming the lights up and down throughout the day will use less energy and therefore cost less to run when compared t the standard method of lights on and leaving constant until lights off.

For more information and to download the free and easy app visit the official LumenIZE website.

These Pro T5 units are available in different UVB percentages and wattages. The percentages are 6% (Forest), 12% (Desert) and 14% (Dragon). The percentage refers to the amount of the energy emitted in the form of UVB radiation, so in a 24w 6% bulb, 6% of the 24w output is in the form UVB, the remaining 94% will be UVA and other wavelengths. This means that a 6% 54w lamp will produce more UVB than a 12% 24w lamp, so it is important to take bulb wattage and size into consideration when choosing the bulb.

The included Arcadia T5 UV Lamp has a 12 month lifespan. After 12 months the amount of UVB light produced will have diminished though the bulb may still emit UVA light and appear to be working. It is important to replace these bulbs every 12 months to ensure your animal always has access to UVB.

Care instructions:

Monthly, open the app and hold full power to refresh. The battery lasts for up to 3 years and can be replaced using the instructions provided. Please note if a lamp is unplugged and unused the battery will still run and may drain, but the battery can be replaced using the instructions provided.

Available in:

  • Dragon, 14% UV-B, 24 Watt
    Dragon, 14% UV-B, 39 Watt
    Dragon, 14% UV-B, 54 Watt
  • Forest, 6% UV-B, 24 Watt
    Forest, 6% UV-B, 39 Watt
    Forest, 6% UV-B, 54 Watt
  • Desert, 12% UV-B, 24 Watt
    Desert, 12% UV-B, 39 Watt
    Desert, 12% UV-B, 54 Watt

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24W, 39W, 54W

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