Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar


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  • Full-Spectrum LED lighting.
  • High PAR, PUR, CRI.
  • Up to 141 lumens per watt.
  • Linkable to run up to 10 units on one plug.
  • Connect to ProT5
  • Complete kit
  • 6200K
  • Fits all Mesh topped terrariums
  • 4 sizes available: 15w, 22w, 34w and 51w.

The Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn LED Bar is a sleek, smart light unit that is able to deliver high levels of light in order to promote plant growth. It will also encourage basking in many reptile species, particularly those from arid habitats, by increasing visible light levels in terraria and vivaria.

Jungle Dawns use the very latest full spectrum high output LED diodes to project up to a massive 141 lumens per watt. These high output LED bars can be placed on top of any mesh enclosure or installed into a wooden vivarium. The JungleDawn LED Bar projects a full spectrum of light that mimics visible natural sunlight (6200kelvin), along the Photosynthetic Active Response Curve but without using PAR limiting separate red and blue diodes. As such the JungleDawn fitting has a high PAR, a high percentage of PUR, a high CRI and no unnatural purple hue.

Arcadia JungleDawn-LED Bars can be easily linked together to form a chain of up to 10 units. It can also be linked with Arcadia Reptile ProT5 UVB systems, reducing the number of wall sockets required per enclosure. Each Unit arrives with a power cable with integrated switch; fittings kit to allow you to fit this bar inside of a vivarium; and a linking cable. JungleDawn-LED Bar can be used with all standard mesh top terrariums, 12/30cm, 18/45cm, 24/60cm, 36/90cm wide.

A JungleDawn LED Bar creates a vast quantity of light, greatly reducing the need to use large numbers of plant growth fluorescent lamps.  Healthy plants display good colour, strong root networks and grow at a moderate pace, evenly. PAR (photosynthetic Active Radiation) is the measurement used to quantify and describe the amount of energy that is produced by a light source.

PAR levels are increased by two elements within lighting and these are; 1. Quantity of light (Lumen/lux), 2. Accuracy of the spectrum. If a lamp produces light within a spectrum that is close to that of natural sunlight and has a high quantity (lumen output) it will have a high level of PAR. The higher the PAR the more energy there is to cause photosynthesis.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 290mm (12″), 15 Watt
  • 470mm (19″), 22 Watt
  • 570mm (23″), 34 Watt
  • 870mm (35″), 51 Watt

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15W, 22W, 34W, 51W