Arcadia Heat Lamp Cage


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  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Full wire safety cage for heat lamps.
  • Suitable for heat lamps up to 150W.
  • Sprung door for lamp removal.

The Arcadia Heat Lamp Cage is an easy to use, stylish product that fits simply over a lamp and lamp holder. Heat cages, also known as guards, are an essential item for using alongside heat lamps inside a vivarium as they help to reduce the risk of burns to the enclosure inhabitant/s and yourself.

The cage has a sprung door on the bottom to allow for easy change or checking of the lamp in the event of failure. Please be careful when touching heat sources and electrical outlets.

The cage is easy to install using some screws through the flat eyelets. It also has a gateway for the power cable keeping everything neat and tidy.

Remember, use a thermostat control system with all heat sources to protect both animal and keeper.

Please note: these guards do not fit over the Arcadia 100w Halogen Basking bulb, though they can be used with both smaller wattages.

Dimensions: 120mm Ø x 220mm

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