Arcadia Halogen Heat Lamp


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  • Ideal for use with dimming stats
  • Provides more heat and light than standard Tungsten lamps
  • Projects a wide beam angle
  • Frosted lens
  • Long lasting
  • High light and heat output
  • E27 screw-fitting
  • Available in 35, 50, 75 & 100 Watts

Arcadia Reptile Halogen basking lamps are a powerful bright bulb that produces far more IRA wavelengths than a similar wattage/size incandescent bulb. All Arcadias Halogen lamps are hand made to a high quality standard; making them robust, sturdy and efficient. Their glass is highly insulating, and a built-in metal reflector promotes optimum light delivery to the basking area. We have found they are far longer lasting than any incandescent bulb, making them far more economically viable, despite appearing more expensive at first glance.

The Arcadia Reptile 35w PAR20 Halogen Flood lamp is is the smallest wattage available from Arcadia. This is a very energy efficient lamp, this small 35w flood lamp has a similar output of both light and heat to a 50w ‘standard’ incandescent bulb. This can equate to considerable energy use savings.

The Arcadia Reptile PAR20 50 Watt Halogen Flood lamp is the same small size as the 35w, but with a bit more punch. This small lamp can replace up to a 75w standard tungsten spot lamp. Allowing considerable energy use savings for smaller species and terraria with higher temperature requirements.

The Arcadia Reptile PAR30 75w Halogen Flood lamp is a larger lamp than the two smaller models. Similar energy use savings can be made, as this lamp produces similar output to a 100w incandescent; whilst also producing a much wider beam width or ‘basking area’.

The PAR38 100 Watt Halogen Flood lamp is an even larger lamp, and is perfect for use in large caging for big species. Ideally the basking area, so the spread from the bulb, should cover the entire animal to allow it to bask fully. The extensive spread of this lamp means it is suitable for larger species of lizard or snake, though for giant species it can be used in a group of 2 or more in order to provide a suitable basking area. This is a strong powerful lamp that can produce temps of up to 70C at 30 to 40cm, so MUST be controlled by an appropriate dimming thermostat. Their high output is equivalent to 150-200w incandescent bulbs.

All heat sources should be controlled by an appropriate thermostat. In order to promote the greatest longevity a dimming thermostat should always be used with light emitting heat sources.

Please note that the PAR38 100w lamp is too large to fit in the Arcadia Heat Lamp Guard, and you would require a larger model from a different manufacturer in order to guard this lamp.

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35 Watts, 50 Watts, 75 Watts, 100 Watts