Arcadia Optimised52 Freshly Pressed Tortoise Food


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  • Developed specifically for Mediterranean Tortoise species: Hermanns, Marginated, Spur Thigh, Horsfields.
  • 60 Species of grasses, botanicals and weeds.
  • No waste products used as fillers such as nut shells, maise, sunflower seed husks and soya bean husks.
  • Developed with zoo vet oversight.
  • Highly palatable and low waste pressed food.
  • All Natural Ingredients.
  • Made in Britain.
  • Available in 3 sizes; 250g, 500g & 1kg

EarthPro-Optimised52 from Arcadia is a vet checked, all-natural way of feeding tortoises, developed to replicate wild feeding by only using natural ingredients. It contains no non-natural fillers such as seed husks, nut shells, Maize, soya and flours.

Tortoises have evolved to be opportunistic feeders that are highly herbivorous. They are an exploring species that will graze as opportunity arises within seasonality. The wild diet of the Mediterranean species consists mainly of leafy vegetation, grasses, roots, tubers, and seasonal flowers. Fruits are taken but rarely and should be offered very minimally due to their high sugar content.

In order for a Tortoise live a long and fruitful life in our care it is essential that we feed them correctly. Fillers found in many foods such a nut shells, husks and middling’s offer no nutritional value of note and are used as a very cheap source of Fibre.

Fibre is essential within Tortoise diets as this not only provides direct nutrition, but it also works as a prebiotic in the digestive system. This provides a home from which the beneficial live bacterial cultures can grow and live and aid with ongoing digestion, assimilation and use. Having a fully functioning probiotic system living within the gut is also essential for a healthy immune system. Optimised52 uses no by-product or cheap fillers. The Fibre content is high and totally whole plant-derived. We also add a natural paraprobiotic to Optimised52 to boost beneficial cultures naturally within the digestive system. EarthPro-Optimsed52 is high in fibre at 25.7%, low in protein at just 10% and low in fats and sodium.

This product is naturally harvested and contains approximately 60 species at base level grown in meadows in the EU. To this base mix of whole plants, a further 10 species of plant matter are added which include leaves from strawberry, blackberry and raspberry plants. Plantain, nettle, dandelions, marigolds and roses are also added into the mix. In this way we fill the nutritional requirements of Mediterranean species by using a barrage of natural ingredients, many of which are found in the wild habitats of these species.

EarthPro-Optimised52 arrives as a pressed ‘tile’. Each tile weighs approximately 12.5g. The dry tiles can be fed as they are to larger species. However, Optimsed52 has been designed to be rehydrated into a nutritious mulch. Each tile should have 12 teaspoons of fresh cold water added. This will increase food and water weight as the plants rehydrate and bulk out to approximately 40g of food per tile. Simply place the food in a bowl, add the water and wait 5-10 minutes. The tile will start to swell and become quite green. When fully hydrated simply stir the mix and feed. You may add more or less water as you wish, depending on the preferences of your pet.

Arcadia suggest that 1-2 tiles should be fed per day per 400g of body weight. A grown 1kg active animal could therefore be fed 2-3 tiles per day. This is based on 1-3% of total bodyweight per Kg as dry food. Partial tiles can be fed for young animals, tiles can be cut into quarters with 3 tsp of water added per quarter tile.

Grass and botanical Mix, average 52 species plus the Following; Timothy Hay, Dandelion Leaves, Nettle, Plantain, Strawberry Leaves, Blackberry Leaves, Raspberry Leaves, Red Clover, Rose Flowers, Marigold Flowers, Revitalise D3, Bee Pollen, Probiotics, Amino Acid Complex, Carotenoid Powder, FlowerBoost with Dandelion leaves at 2.5g per 100g .

Crude Protein 10%
Crude Fats & Oils 2.6%
Crude Fibre 25.7%
Crude Ash 4.8%
Moisture <8%

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250g, 500g, 1kg