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  • A safe and potent natural full spectrum vitamin powder for all exotic pets.
  • Non-toxic and zero D3. Use with a dedicated UVB system.
  • 100% natural vitamin supplement.
  • Natural mineral clay = full spectrum.
  • Suitable for all reptile and amphibian species.
  • All Natural Ingredients.
  • Made in Britain.
  • Available in 100g and 350g.

Arcadia EarthPro-A is a blend of full-spectrum minerals with vitamins and bee pollen powder designed to be used at almost every feed and for all species. EarthPro-A is a nutrient packed powder with high levels of available nutrition. EarthPro-A is an ‘everyday use’ mineral and vitamin supplement powder, utilises the very best in scientific thought and ingredient sourcing. Rather than using a lab based approximation of the minerals that are found in the earth Arcadia have used a naturally mined, ‘full-spectrum’ mineral clay.

It contains a potent natural full spectrum carotenoid, helping to cater for the natural Vitamin A cycle and to increase natural coloration. This provides at least 100 IU/kg of pro-vitamin A, the water-soluble natural source of vitamin A for animals that cannot be overdosed.

Available two pack sizes: 100g and 350g pouches.

Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Clay, Protein Powder (Vegetable), Carrot Powder, Algal Carotenoid, Vitamin B Premix, Bee Pollen.

Crude Protein 8%
Crude Fats & Oils <1%
Crude Fibre <1%
Moisture <8%

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100g, 350g

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