Arcadia Mercury Vapour D3 Basking Lamp


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  • High performance lamp.
  • Provides UVB and UVA, visible light and heat from a single source.
  • Important for reptiles development and health.
  • Aids the synthesis of Vitamin D3​.
  • Helps prevent metabolic bone disease.​
  • Use alongside Arcadia tube lamps to generate a natural photo-gradient.
  • No external ballast required.
  • Designed as a basking lamp for larger vivaria in which the reptile has sufficient room to move away to regulate its temperature.
  • Available in 80, 100 & 160 Watts

The Arcadia Mercury Vapour D3 Basking Lamp is an outstanding basking lamp. This basking lamp is the 2nd generation of D3 UV Basking Lamp from Arcadia and generates heat, light and ultraviolet light all from a single lamp.

Not only are these Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamps capable of creating a warm and light environment for desert reptiles like Bearded Dragons. These lamps also offer a healthy dose of UV light, essential for the absorption of vitamin D3 into your reptile’s body, allowing them to make the most of the calcium in their diet to grow big and strong, Without an effective UV provision, your reptile is at risk of metabolic bone disease.

The average life of a D3 UV Basking Lamp is around 6,000 hours or 8 months of continuous usage. However, used with an effective terrarium light controller, that you regularly switch on or off to create an adequate temperature gradient, we would expect the bulb to last a year or longer.

Mercury vapour bulbs are exactly what they sound like, glass bulbs filled with mercury vapour which project a full spectrum light. Mercury Vapour bulbs are safe when they are kept intact, given sufficient room and hung in a vertical position. the vertical position allows convection currents to circulate within the bulb, prolonging its lifespan.

Mercury Vapour Bulbs cannot be used with a thermostat or external ballast and therefore should only be used in large enclosures, or open-top tables. A dimming thermostat increases and decreases the output to the bulb as required; Mercury Vapour Bulbs must run at a specific output in order to produce UVB, if this is dimmed by a thermostat they can still produce heat and visible light (UVA) however they will not produce the vital UVB light your animal needs, and turn it into a very expensive simple basking spotlamp! It will also shorten the bulbs lifespan drastically.

Due to their high wattage an inability to be thermostatically controlled; these bulbs should only be used in large vivariums or open top table enclosures. Although not strictly necessary for most species it is recommended to install a secondary source of UVB light, such as a T5 tube bulb or a compact lamp. This gives your animal the option to bask under UVB light without also experiencing hot temperatures.

This lamp is available in three sizes: 80 watt, 100watt and 160watt.

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80 Watts, 100 Watts, 160 Watts

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