Anti Chew Metal Capped Rodent Water Bottles 500ml




  • Rodent drinking bottle for use with lab cages,
  • Suitable for Mice, Rats, Multis and other rodents.
  • Secure metal screw-lid prevents leaks.
  • Anti-Chew Metal Cap.
  • Bottle made from durable plastic.
  • Holds 500ml of water.

These Anti Chew Metal Capped Water Bottles are intended to be used with rodent breeding cages. They are a far better design for your animals when compared to standard design. The lack of long spout prevents it leaking into the bedding and unlike rubber bung bottles these cannot be chewed and ruined. The metal cap is tough and cannot be damaged by the animals, the small hole allows the animals to drink but does not leak into the enclosure, so long as no pressure is applied to the bottle.

Translucent red bottle allows them to be checked at a quick glance to see if they need topping up. The screw-lid makes it impossible to accidentally detach the lid during maintenance, a common issue with the bung-topped design.

These bottles hold 500ml of water.

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