Woodlice & Isopods

Woodlice, often referred to as Isopods, are excellent additions to humid terrariums as they are primary decomposers, feeding on faeces, leftover plant and animal remains and mould. They can act as a clean-up-crew (CUC) and create a self-sufficient ecosystem in the terrarium.

They will live and breed well in most warm, humid terrariums and can even be a bonus food source for insectivorous lizards. Due to their high calcium content they are incredibly nutritious and great for assisting with egg production and the prevention or Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). The biodiversity of land isopods is massive and you can find the right species of isopod for almost every requirement in the terrarium.

Due to the unfathomable number of species (estimated to be over 5000) and the production of morphs and colour varieties, the keeping of them as display animals is becoming more and more popular. Their heat, light and space requirements are all minimal and the time required to care for them on a daily basis is very limited.

What is the difference between a Woodlouse and an Isopod?
In short; their is no difference as all Woodlice are Isopods, however not all isopods are woodlice. ‘Woodlouse’ refers to terrestrial members of the suborder Oniscidea, within the order Isopoda. The order Isopoda includes other species not considered woodlice, such as the various marine and freshwater isopods.

All available Woodlice are shown here and are packed safely and shipped on a next day service.

Please note that for the health and safety of these animals we will not ship Woodlice in cold weather. 

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