Woodchip substrates come in a number of different forms, some are great at holding humidity and make a great option for rainforest terrariums such as Orchid Bark.

Whereas others, such as Aspen, are a highly absorbent more fibrous material perfect for drier setups that will absorb spilt water and waste matter. All woodchip substrates are made from non-toxic wood sourced from sustainable forests. They are all completely recyclable.

Orchid bark holds humidity relatively well, and can be mixed with soil and leaves to make a naturalistic rainforest substrate.

Woodchip can also be used for dry setups, particularly beech chip, as it is dust free and very easy to clean. It is also completely recyclable and can be used for composting.

Wood fibres are incredibly absorbent and will quickly soak up any waste or water spillages, so make a great option for messy snakes; such as Bullsnakes and False Water Cobras. Their absorbent nature also helps to reduce potential smells linked to waste production.

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