Tortoise Food

Tortoises generally feed exclusively on plant matter, however in captivity it can be difficult ensuring they have a decent variety of foods.

The majority of tortoise owners will purchase their pets food from the supermarket, however it can be difficult to purchase a range of foods, especially if only keeping a couple of animals, without it becoming incredibly expensive. It is also worth considering the fact that many of the plant matter eaten by tortoises in the wild is not available in stores. Also, many fruits and vegetables grown for human consumption are of much higher sugar content than their wild more nutritionally balanced counterparts.

Luckily many prepared diets are now available on the market for reptile keepers; these diets are either fed straight out of the packet or are mixed with water following the instructions provided.

Some of these packet foods are marketed as a complete diet, however we still recommend offering fresh fruit and vegetables (species dependent) for variety and enrichment..

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