Insect Food

Insects are the most common prey item for most predatory terrarium animals. In order to ensure the live food offered is as nutritious as possible it is important to feed them, this will also increase their ‘shelf life’. The practice of feeding the livefood is commonly referred to as gutloading; any food held within the insects system will be passed on to the animal that consumes it, so it is important it is nutritious.

The most commonly offered livefood are crickets and locusts. Both these species have quite fast metabolisms and should be fed within 24 hours of being offered. Locusts are generally herbivorous, eating mainly plant matter, whereas crickets are omnivorous and will consume all sorts of food. Crickets have been known to bite and cause injury to animals, this is far less likely to occur if the insects are not hungry.

Many of the insect foods on the market are also suitable for pet insects and terrarium custodians.

Offering water to insects can be difficult as open water sources, such as a bowl, can act as a trap and cause fatalities. It is common practice to offer them water in gel form so they can crawl over it and eat it without the risk of drowning.

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