Diets & Supplements

Diet is an important aspect in the care of all animals. In recent years there has been extensive development in prepared diets for reptiles. In the past some of these prepared diets have been negatively received by keepers, but those days have gone due to the increased innovation of many companies; such as Pangea, Arcadia, Mazuri and more.

These diets are either fed straight out of the packet or are sold as a powder and require mixing with water following the instructions provided.

Many packet foods are marketed as a complete diet, and in many cases they are nutritionally very well balanced. However we still recommend offering more traditional food sources such as livefood, fruit, vegetables, rodents, etc. (depending on the species) for variety and enrichment.

Supplementation, particularly of calcium, is also important for many reptiles. It is recommended to dust all livefood and vegetables with calcium. Gut-loading of insects is also important, and different foods are available to feed crickets and locusts before they are offered to your lizards to make sure they are as nutritional as possible.