Live Food

Diet is an important aspect in the care of all animals. The range of available livefood options is always increasing, this makes it easy to offer suitable food for your reptile. Different insect eating reptiles prefer different types of prey, for example Chameleons rarely venture to the floor of an enclosure so are unlikely to feed on terrestrial species like worms and crickets. Instead they should be offered climbing insects like locusts and silkworms.

It is crucial to offer a varied diet to all reptiles, mixing up the livefood and salad options (for those species that eat it) is beneficial and enriching for the animals. Too often we as keepers routinely offer the same food for our own convenience.

In general Crickets and Locusts should be the staple food source, whereas most worms (mealworms, morios, waxworms) should never be offered as the whole food source. They are fatty and contain high levels of chitin which can become problematic to digest. They should be offered as an additional food source alongside crickets and/or locusts. ‚Äč

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