Reptile keeping is all about creating the perfect environment for your scaled friend; in this environment, temperature is probably the most important factor. The majority of reptiles and amphibians must be kept warm in order to live and behave naturally. Unlike us they cannot create their own heat and so must gain it from an external source.

In general reptile heating equipment can be split into two types. Heat sources that emit light; such as basking bulbs and spot-lamps; which are best used for providing an intense hot spot during the day.
Followed by heat sources that do not emit light; such as radiators, heat mats and ceramics; which are best used at providing a higher ambient temperature, or an elevated night time temperature when the hot spot is switched off,

All heat sources should be fitted to an appropriate thermostat which will ensure the temperature does not drop too low, and also does not get dangerously high. An accurate thermometer is a necessity to ensure the thermostat is maintaining the correct temperatures.