Poultry are a great food source for all sorts of carnivorous animals, such as snakes, birds or prey, exotic mammals and carnivorous lizards like Monitors. Many snake species prefer bird prey, especially arboreal (tree living) species. In nature most snakes have a varied diet consisting of small mammals, birds, frogs, lizards, etc; rather than being limited to just rats or mice. Birds are a great way to increase variety in your animals diet. They are also a good at encouraging feeding in stubborn animals as they have a different scent to rodents such as rats and mice!

Poultry makes a great addition to a whole prey diet as they provide high levels of protein, calcium and vitamins & minerals, but can also be particularly beneficial for animals in need of extra nutrition during growth & development, or recovery after illness or injury. As well as being a great food source for snakes they are also a great treat for meat-eating lizards, such as Tegus and Monitors. Poultry also make a great food option for carnivorous mammals; such as Skunks, Genets, Foxes, Cats and Ferrets; as well as birds of prey like Hawks, Falcons, Eagles and Owls.‚Äč

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