General Equipment

Alongside all the heating, lighting, food, and substrates involved in maintaining a reptile collection; there is also various sundries and miscellaneous other items that may be required.

Sometimes animals may become sick or dehydrated and require a boost; this is particularly good for new wild caught animals. Vetark produce numerous products for these sorts of purposes along with a wound cleaner in case of accidental injury.

The feeding and handling of reptiles, particularly those that are defensive or nervous, requires the use of specialist tools. This includes forceps which are used to offer food to keep your hands safe and prevent bites; as well as snake hooks which are great for moving and manipulating aggressive snakes.

Vivarium security is also important, locks and other helpful items are available. They prevent escapees and also the enclosure being opened by unwanted people or accidentally by the animal itself.

Many reptile keepers wish to breed their animals; reptile egg incubation requires a whole other series of equipment and items such as incubators, egg trays and incubation substrate.